2015 Highlights


Allison Ps Janine was talking about God taking the trash out, at once I (saw) a silver trash bin/can being taken out and as I looked to God it seemed as if a vessel broke within me and bubbles of water started to come out... Ps Faylene Sparkes preached and the anointing grew stronger... 'Electricty' in the air... But as soon as Ps Margaret Court started to pray I felt heat from the back of my neck run down (my) back... I knew healing was happening... I didn't know anything was wrong... the other night I had a sore neck & back but I thought it was all gone... Praise God for the healing power.

Trudy Dearest Lynn, I praise & thank God for you, Col & your wonderful family. What a great woman of God you are. I thank God for bringing you into my life. Thank you for another wonderful Shine Conference! Keep remembering that this is a work of God who put this concept on your heart. We must never let it stop. It brings us together as 'Women of God' to praise God & (to) love & support each other. I will pray for you over the coming weeks & hope that you can take some well rest. Bless you Lynne & please thank all the wonderful people of Life Church who by the way they 'serve' continue to bless & inspire everyone. Continue to 'Shine'. Love & blessings, Trudy.

Rhonda This year at Shine I sat on the edge of my seat listening to Pastor Lynn giving her testimony. I wish to say a personal thank you to you for your strength and courage to stand on that stage and speak of what you in fact had been through at the tender age of 9 was something that no child should ever have to go through. I received so much out of your personal testimony, as it really struck a chord with me. You see from the age of 8, I became a victim of the following - alchoholism, family domestic violence, and physical, emotional, mental, financial and sexual abuse, incest and rape. Some of these continued for 8 long years and others still continued on for many more years after that. I no longer call myself a victim, I am a survivor!

The following words you spoke struck a real chord within me:

  • 'We have to push through fear, shame, grief, anger and abuse'
  • "You are beautiful! We need to see ourselves through God's eyes'
  • 'Found it really hard to receive and give love'
  • 'Some of us have grown up without a Father - physical and emotional'
  • 'Sometimes we have to feel things - to let God work in that area'
  • 'It's time to leave those things behind'
  • 'I've chosen forgiveness'
  • 'God doesn't want us to have locked away places'
  • 'Nothing going to hold me back anymore'
  • 'That was then - this is now'
  • 'The Father loves you'

At the end of your testimony you asked for people who needed forgiveness in their lives to come forward. I came forward and it was you, Pastor Lynn, that prayed for me for the power of forgiveness to be broken over me and my life. As you prayed for me I was truly touched and went down and stayed down. I saw a clear image of God with a little girl on His knee and He spoke to her and said that He loved her, however, He didn't like her behaviour but He understood why she did what she did. He said He loved her. The little girl had a yellow little dress with orange bias binding and an orange applique of a squirrel - Wow! that little girl sitting on God's lap was me. This was my favourite dress when I was roughly 4 or 5 years old. God truly loves me - His precious daughter. The person that I had to forgive most was myself!!! You see I blamed myself and my body for my abuse and in doing so I began to hate and punish myself and my body and therefore I could never really truly love myself becayse I was too busy hating myself.

Since that day at Shine, I have found myself crying on and off more than ever before, but for the first time in my life these tears feel different to the many tears that I shed in silent over my childhood years. I feel like there has been a real shift in my heart, I actually don't feel hatred towards myself and my body anymore. I think God is really working in me. I have been soaking and surrounding myself with the word of God, Vision Radio and Christian music like never before. I expect there will be many more tears to come to release a lifetime that built up a very hardened heart that is now becoming soft and lovable.